This Stainless Steel Water bottle is perfect for an on the go lifestyle! You can do your wallet and the environment a favor by grabbing this instead of those one-time use plastic bottles that contaminate the Earth and pile up in landfills. The bottle features our CHANGE message, which is a friendly reminder of how to integrate sustainability into your everyday life!


BioBag is the first to offer compostable and resealable sandwich bags to consumers! These Sandwich Bags are made from the starches of GMO free crops, have a resealable zipper, and help keep food fresher, longer because they are breathable, strong and elastic! Perfect for school or work lunches, and for freezing too!


Did you know that plastic straws are in the top 10 list of most common items found at beach cleanups? They are made of toxic plastic and commonly kill marine animals, so these paper straws are a perfect alternative! Made of sturdy paper in every vibrant color, paper straws are adorable, eco-friendly, BPA free, and FDA approved! Great for drinking beverages, cotton candy, coffee stirrers, and candy melts!

Pack of 100

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