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For the year-end fundraiser, we are looking for about 10 generous families/businesses who can collectively donate us $5000 that will be presented as a match to the community to raise the other $5000. 

If you donate $500 or more to our year-end fundraiser, we'll get a fruit tree planted in your name and mark the tree with a rock or metal sign with your choice of message. This can be dedicated to your parents, partner, business, celebrate birth, birthday or anniversary gifts, or any other event you would like to celebrate. The fruit tree and the rock will stay in the neighborhood for hundreds of people to enjoy for many many years to come and remind you of your investment in the community. 

The fruit trees will be planted by and cared for by Geulah Ministries, Inc. at 2300 Liberty Garden that was recently transferred from reTHink to Geulah Ministries. 

Create a fruitful legacy

You've always wanted to contribute to creating a better community and world. Did you know that planting fruit trees is one of the best ways to leave a legacy and give the gift of fresh nutritious fruits to future generations to come? This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get a fruit tree planted in your name and provide fresh fruit to children in an impoverished neighborhood. Dedicate to your parents or plant as a way to say happy birthday to your precious child. 
Order a fruit tree

We will plant a fruit tree and custom rock/sign (8X11) for all donations of $500 or more

Thanks for ordering a fruit tree. Your request has been received. Please mail a check to 1544 S 13th St, 47802, or drop off a check to reTHink HQ. If you want to pay online, please use the donate button on the website's homepage.We'll contact you to help plant the fruit tree when we have the tree and the sign ready. 

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