Plastic Up-cycling

We are motivated by precious plastic movement and have started our own plastic up-cycling program to up-cycle waste plastic in Terre Haute. 

What is plastic up-cycling?

Plastic up-cycling is a process where waste plastic is converted into a material of equal or higher value. This is different than recycling where the end product is of lesser quality and value. 

Why up-cycle?

We use a lot of plastic that goes to landfills or oceans. Currently, there are no reliable plastic recycling programs as China has quit taking plastic waste. By up-cycling your plastic at reTHink center, you will ensure that your plastic waste is not going to landfills or oceans. We will convert plastic into useful items. 

How it works

You can drop off your clean (rinsed out) hard plastic of all numbers at our HQ building at 608 N 13th St, M-F 11-4.30 pm. There are a few bins outside the building. Please do not bring any other items (paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.) at this time. Make sure all the plastic is clean and washed out and if the labels are easy to take off, please take them off before dropping. 

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