Plastic Up-Cycling

We are inspired by the international Precious Plastics Project and have started our own plastic up-cycling program to up-cycle local plastic waste

For more information on the Up-Cyclers Club and how we're recreating a circular plastic economy in Terre Haute.

What is plastic up-cycling?

Plastic up-cycling is a process where waste plastic is converted into a material of equal or higher value. This is different than traditional recycling efforts where the end product was of lesser quality and value, or down-cycling. 

Why up-cycle?

Our community uses a lot of plastic that goes to landfills and water ways that then wind up in oceans. Most of the country's plastic recycling programs ended when Asian countries such as China quit taking plastic waste. By up-cycling your plastic at the reTHink Up-Cycling Center, you will ensure that your plastic waste is not going to landfills or oceans. We will convert our plastic into useful items to be sold or utilized in the community. 

How it works

First, you must be a member of our Up-Cycling Club. Once you're a member you can drop off your clean plastic (no food residue or dirt that can clog the machines!) at the front of the Zero-Waste Store. Our volunteers and employees will then remove the caps and labels from the containers, short by color, shred, and then reform the plastic into objects to be used locally.

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