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At the heart of our mission, education shines as our primary commitment. We believe in enlightening our community and the young minds that represent our future about the profound impact of daily choices on nature, community, and our global environment. Our educational camps are dedicated to imparting practical knowledge about recycling, gardening, nutrition, and sustainable living.


Plastic Up-cycling Workshop

We have designed these programs to unravel the essentials of recycling for both children and adults. Participants learn about the importance of recycling, the correct methods, and witness firsthand how discarded items gain a new lease on life at our up-cycling center. Here, the community's recycled products are transformed into innovative creations, embodying the essence of waste reduction and resource conservation. $10 per person/$100 minimum for the group. 1-1.5 hours.

Garden-to-Table & Nutrition Workshop

Our frequent programs blend nutrition and culinary education with gardening insights. Children learn to harvest fresh ingredients from the garden and transform them into healthy, flavorful meals. These programs foster an understanding of nutrition, emphasize the connection between what we eat and where it comes from, and inspire a lifelong appreciation for the Earth's bounty.

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Sustainable Living Workshop

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We aim to enlighten the community about the power of sustainable living. Our camps delve into how simple habit changes and product replacements can significantly reduce our environmental impact. These sessions go beyond just shrinking our carbon footprint; they underscore the importance of supporting local businesses as a pillar of sustainable living. Our zero-waste store serves as a practical classroom for these lessons, showcasing how sustainability can seamlessly weave into daily life. In this class we will give hands on experience in making some products at home such as laundry powder, deodorant, tooth powder, cleaning agents, etc. $15 per person, $100 minimum for the group

Create a Custom reTHink Experience

We're thrilled you're considering creating an Eco-friendly day camp experience with us. We will help you create a customized camp experience that fits your groups wants and needs.Whether you're planning for summer camps, after-school groups, preschool gatherings, community organizations, or conscious children's birthday parties, we're ready to assist you. Schedule a camp to fit your needs.

Please note: all camp dates are subject to availability. We will confirm your booking date and provide a detailed plan after reviewing your submission. For any queries, feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing us to help create your conscious, fun, and educational camp experience. We look forward to cultivating a greener tomorrow with you!

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