Zero-Waste Community Store

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We want to provide sustainable solutions to the Terre Haute community. The Zero-Waste Community Store has locally made items free of plastic packaging and made with clean ingredients. Healthier for you, healthier for the Earth. 

It's more than zero-waste...

   The reTHink zero waste store doesn't only provide plastic-free options, our store creates employment opportunities and community empowerment. By shopping with us you'll be contributing to the economic growth and development of an underprivileged neighborhood. 

Store hours

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm.

Water Filter Drawing Entry

Select an item ($)

Every day is Earth Day at reTHink. But we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate April as Earth Month. To give you a great deal and to help protect Mother Earth, we are holding a raffle to win an amazing water filter

Here is how you can win: 

Simply fill out the sheet below and choose if you would like an above-the-counter or under-the-counter water filter. The entry fee is only $10. 

Once each water filter has 20 entries, the drawing will close.

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