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All of our under counter water filters are placed out of the way, under the sink. They connect to the cold water line with an "EZ stop-valve connector" (not a leak-prone saddle valve like many competitors) and dispense water through an attractive long reach LEAD-FREE* solid brass premium faucet (not a cheap plastic flip-lever like most of our competitors). Quick-connect fittings make for fast, easy installation. A 1/2" hole is all that is needed for the faucet stud (all series), but a cover plate is included to accommodate larger pre-drilled holes (such as a vegetable sprayer hole).

ALL of our under counter filters include a PREMIUM SERIES chrome upscale faucet at NO EXTRA CHARGE! This elegant lead-free* solid brass faucet features a smooth quarter turn handle with a ceramic seat for a lifetime of service - no flimsy, cheap plastic flip-handle like most competitors! There is no spring, so the handle stays in the position you place it, like a regular faucet. In addition to the ALL CHROME color scheme (pictured at left), it is available for only $10 more in CHROME WITH BRASS ACCENTS, BRUSHED NICKEL (stainless steel look), WHITE, ALMOND/BISQUE, BLACK, ANTIQUE BRONZE and POLISHED BRASS. Click HERE for picture. It is recommended that you choose the faucet to match the color scheme of your main faucet. Select color choice on order screen. It is 8.75" tall and has a swivel spout with a reach of 5.5". Faucet style upgrades are available here.

Your family deserves a SERIOUS water filter! PureEarth water filters use the latest technologies - KDF ® and GAC (recommended in Dr. Andrew Weil's book, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health), ceramic, capillary membrane, extruded carbon block and more - to effectively and economically remove a wide range of contaminants from your tap water, turning it into pure, safe, delicious drinking water:* Why spend hundreds of dollars each year on bottled water when you can make your OWN for less than 1 cent per gallon? Each $39 KDF/GAC cartridge has the capacity to make an equivalent of up to 28,000 16 oz. bottles of water!

  • State-of-the-art, multi-media technology - KDF ® (copper/zinc alloy) and GAC (granulated activated carbon), plus new multimedia carbon block.
  • Removes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals (including lead), iron, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, chemicals, DBPs (disinfection by-products), THMs (trihalomethanes), HAAs ((haloacetic acids), )MTBE, VOCs, and more.*
  • Tested to industry standard NSF-53 protocol by independent laboratory.
  • Leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact.
  • Replaceable, economical, long-life cartridge (12,000 gallons).
  • Convenient - quality water right at your tap.
  • Economical - costs about a penny per gallon for "better than bottled" quality.

UCD-F, Double Under counter with Fluoride filter

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