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. 200. . A: sed -i '1s/.*/& /' your_file.txt | sed -i '3s/.*/ /' And use it in your command line. Q: How to get the height of a UIScrollView, so that I can add a new UIView to it and make it fit the height of the scroll view? Hi I have added a new UIView to a UIScrollView, I have set the frame of the UIView so that it fits with the height of the UIScrollView. But the problem is that the height of the UIScrollView is not changing after adding the new UIView, if I try to add a new UIView to the UIScrollView and make it fit the height of the UIScrollView it goes away from its area in the UIScrollView. I want to add multiple UIViews to the UIScrollView and have them each fill the height of the UIScrollView, How do I go about it? A: The answer to my question was that the height of the UIScrollView was given as [self.scrollView setContentSize:CGSizeMake(320, self.scrollView.frame.size.height - self.footerView.frame.size.height)]; and I was setting the height of the UIView to the height of the scroll view minus the height of the footer. Instead of this I need to do this self.scrollView.contentSize=CGSizeMake(320, self.scrollView.frame.size.height + self.footerView.frame.size.height); because the footerView is the view that I was adding new UIViews to. Q: Windows 10 - Error installing Windows Phone Emulator. Fail to run devenv.exe After installing Visual Studio 2017 Community, the Windows Phone Emulator cannot be started. The error message is: Failed to run the program 'devenv.exe'. Error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-6.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory What is wrong? A:




Ces Edupack 2011 Keygen.rar

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