Goat Milk Stuff makes a solid shampoo bar as a natural alternative to most store bought shampoos.  They do not add any harsh chemicals such as SLS to their shampoo bar because using fewer chemicals benefits your health and your hair.  

When using the shampoo bar, rinsing may need to be more thorough than with conventional shampoos.   Every time you wash your hair, rinse very well with warm water then finish with cool water.  

Your hair may also benefit from a weekly vinegar rinse.  Simply bring some diluted apple cider vinegar into the shower and do a final rinse with it.  The vinegar scent will disappear as your hair dries.

Many people find that once their scalp and hair have adjusted to the shampoo bar, they no longer need any conditioning. If you find that your hair still needs a conditioner, put a pea sized amount of coconut oil on your hands and rub it together.  Smooth through your hair, particularly the ends.  You can experiment with the amount used and whether you apply the coconut oil to wet or dry hair.  Different people prefer different methods.  But if you use too much, your hair will be heavy and greasy instead of conditioned.


Goat Milk Stuff Shampoo Bars

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