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Go naked! At least your soaps should...

At reTHink's Zero-Waste Store, we pride ourselves on selling our soaps naked. You read that right, naked. So what does that mean? We sell our soaps without any form of packaging. No plastic bottles, no cardboard, no plastic wrap, just good old soap bars. In fact, we even have shampoo bars, dish soaps, and pet soaps!

So what makes naked soaps so good? One reason is that the lack of packaging cuts down a lot of plastic. Think of it this way: the average American uses 11 bottles of shampoo a year. The U.S. as a whole uses 3.6 BILLION bottles a year. Can you even imagine how much plastic that is? In just a few years, that number becomes astronomical, and we've been using plastic shampoo bottles for over 50 years! But hold up! This was just shampoo bottles. Now think about all the plastic packing for soap, body wash, conditioner, and the myriad of other products we use daily! That is why we don't sell anything with plastic packaging in our Zero-Waste Store unless it is recyclable or reusable.

Apart from shedding their clothes, our soaps have another reason why they are more sustainable than their more conventional counterparts. Our soaps are made naturally with the most basic ingredients, unlike commercial products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. Some examples of these harmful ingredients are parabens, which are hormone disruptors, formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen, and synthetic fragrances, which contribute to indoor air pollution. We want to avoid these toxic substances and harmful effects, which is why our soaps are made with healthy and natural ingredients, such as goat milk, olive oil, lye, and essential oils. These will effectively clean your skin and hair, while also nourishing and moisturizing your body.

If you want to see firsthand the awesome benefits of using our naked soaps, you can either visit our Zero-Waste Store or shop online here. Our shop is located at 608 N. 13th St. Terre Haute, IN, and our store hours are 11 am - 6 pm from Monday - Thursday.

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