Composting Initiative

*Attention: Please make sure you are choosing the correct form for which service you prefer. Drop off means you will drop off the buckets to reTHink, pick up means we will pick up buckets from your home. Pick up option available for Phoenix Hills neighborhood only. 

Compost Program -


Sign up now!

Compost Program -


Sign up now!


To save our city from methane and carbon pollution we have started a composting program. Now, for the cost of only a coffee per month, you can send all your food waste (including meat and dairy) to get composted and save on methane pollution. Join us today and be a part of the solution!

What is compost?

Composting is a natural process of turning waste into rich soil.

Why compost?

We create almost 5 pounds of trash per person per day! Food waste mixed with plastic and other waste materials creates methane in landfills. Methane created in landfills is 70 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. 

How it works

Drop-Off Service

  • Once you register and complete your first payment, you can pick up your bucket.

  • The registration fee is $10 and monthly payments are $5.

  • If you pay in advance for the whole year ($60), the registration fee is waived.

  • For monthly payments with credit card, .50 will be added to help with the credit card fees. 

  • You can add all of the food waste from the graphic above, as well as small bones.

  • Once your bucket is filled, you can drop it off at the reTHink office at 608 N 13th St at any time. Buckets can be dropped off and replaced as frequently as needed. 

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