Composting Initiative

For the cost of only a coffee per month, you can send all your food waste to get composted and reduce pollution.



Turn your spoil into soil!

Register here

Cost Options

  • $10 one time registration fee

    • (waived for annual payments by check)

  • $5/month after registration

    • 5% fee applied if paid monthly or with credit card​

Drop Off Information

  • Drop off and pick-up your buckets at ​​​518 N 19th Street, on the reThink office front porch. 

Methane is 70 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2. When we send food waste to landfills, we contribute to methane pollution. 

Be a part of the solution

You're literally throwing your money away! You're putting things in rubbish bags you bought with your money and then throwing them away. Composting can save in so many ways.

Save Money

When we don't put nutrition from leftover foods back into the soil, we gradually deplete soil of the natural nutrients. Then we try to supply those nutrients in terms of synthetic chemicals- which only add to pollution and disease.  

Put nutrition back into the soil

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