reTHink educates, supports, and encourages the citizens and businesses of the Wabash Valley to reduce waste and live a healthier, more sustainable life.


Why reTHink?

 We are creating a world that will soon be inhabitable for our children and grandchildren. 

We need to reTHink how we are choosing convenience over sustainability.  

Community Empowerment

 reTHink has gardens in Ryves neighborhood that provide fresh produce to the community.

Free cooking classes are offered every Wednesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Awareness & Education

According to the EPA, almost 75 % of the trash we generate is recyclable. Yet, in 2013, of the 254 million tons of trash produced by Americans, only about a third was recycled or composted.

Real change can happen to our environment with a few simple steps: 

C - Carry your reusable water bottle

H - Hesitate to use styrofoam

A - Avoid using plastic bags

N - No to plastic straws

G - Grab reusable silverware

E - Eliminate K-cups

Eden of Ryves

Eden of Ryves is where underprivileged children in the Ryves neighborhood of Terre Haute learn how to grow, cook, and eat their own food. 

Please consider donating at the link below so we can continue to provide empowerment and nutritious meals to the children of Ryves.

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